A human adventure

Jag har varit på Tekniska museet och sett utställningen om människan i rymden, NASA – A human adventure. Den var absolut värd ett besök! Många teknikprylar och en hel del annat intressant att titta på men sen är jag ju lite av rymdnörd och Apollo-freak.

Här en bild från Apollo 11:

Foto från Apollo 11. Bildlänken leder till Apollo 11 Surface Journal.

Citat från ’Surface journal’:

Neil took this picture of Buzz at about 110:03:24. Buzz has just deployed the Solar Wind Collector (SWC). Neil took the photo toward the southeast. Buzz is standing flat-footed next to the SWC, facing Neil, who is at about the 2 o’clock position out from the LM. In the lower right corner, notice the scratch marks that the TV cable made as Neil pulled it out. The multiple tracks were made by the individual cable loops scraping along the ground. We can see underneath the engine bell. Most of the surface in this image has not been disturbed as yet, and in the places where Neil and Buzz have walked, the disturbed surface is darker. Good illustration of this very common phenomenon. Jack Schmitt speculates that the Descent Engine plume swept away the smallest particles, leaving a higher than normal percentage of larger particles. The more jagged surface is a better reflector of sunlight than the normal surface and, therefore, appears brighter. Certainly, from orbit, the areas around the landed LM’s are brighter than the normal surface. As they walk around, the astronauts disturb this modified surface and, in effect, restore it’s normal condition. We see the MESA, in shadow, to the right of Buzz. On the front of Buzz’s suit, we have the RCU, the camera bracket, and just above his crotch, the ”Red Apple” activator for the purge valve. He has some dirt on his knees. A detail shows a carabiner fitted to the end of his neckring tiedown.

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